Blaze your own trail

With our Andean styled backpacks.

Daypacks that merge Modern Technology with the Ancient Andean culture result in the ultimate adventure Companion.

No need to bring the big backpack for a one-day adventure. The Wanderer can handle it: This is a daypack with a ventilated back panel,  a hydration sleeve ready for your water reservoir and plenty of convenient pockets. And it feels like you are just wearing a jacket!

Featured Backpacks

Wanderer- White

The Wanderer is ready to carry your gear to a National Park or to a local hike. With an internal volume of 20L, it is big enough to carry your hydration reservoir and essential gear but small enough to feel like a jacket on your back.

  • Side mesh pockets
  • Front pocket with Mesh organizer and key clip
  • Hydration sleeve for perfect packing
  • Ventilated back panel

Wanderer- Red

You can access the lower front pocket quickly or you can pull out the rain cover to make sure everything stays dry. Side mesh pockets are conveniently located on each side to carry extra water or snacks. The pockets on the waist straps make sure you have everything handy.

  • Large Main Compartment
  • Removable external frame
  • An emergency whistle in the front (orange) buckle.
  • Compression straps to make sure the weight is balanced.

Wanderer- Purple

Each Wanderer is one of a kind thanks to the authentic Andean textiles that adorn them. Backpacks within a specific textile batch may look similar, but they are hardly identical. Each one will be unique because the cutting pattern used to maximize the textile fabrics makes it impossible for them to match. Because the textiles are not mass-produced, once a batch is gone, we may never create that same pattern again. 

Unique Packs for Unique Memories

The Wanderer Specs

A 20L backpack built to keep you on the move. 

A Place for everything

Space for Hydration System

Hidden Rain Cover with Pocket

Front pockets for easy access to essentials

Compression Straps for Balance of weight

Stash Pockets that fit most water bottles

Frame that allows back to breathe

Your Purchase Makes a Difference

We are committed to making sure our packs not only bring Andean culture to you, but that they also give back to the Andean community.

That is why we are donating 3% of our profits to a Peruvian non profit organization called Corbidi. They focus on protecting the biodiversity on the Andes and the Amazon Rainforest. One of their main focuses is the great biodiversity of birds in the region and they are always actively trying to promote awareness in the local populations so they become participants in the protection of their environment. The funds we donate go specifically to the Natural science education, research and preservation efforts in Peru.

Authentic Andean Textiles

All our textiles are crafted in Peru, which is what makes our bags stand out from the pack. 

Meet The Owner and Founder

Christian Vinces

Hi! I am a Peruvian transplant living between Lima, New York, and Los Angeles. Not long ago, I decided to make a hiking backpack that brought the rich Andean culture I grew up with to life. It’s called The Wanderer and  the first of many bags that we create to keep bold adventurers like you on the move. 

Andean culture is resilient and always adapting to survive in the midst of challenges. These expressions appear everywhere: especially our handmade and unique textiles. 

My mission is to bring Andean life, culture and history to the forefront of our company and your hiking and outdoor activities.

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