Andean Blue was founded in September 2020 and is on a mission to bring Andean culture to the forefront of hiking and outdoor activities. 

Meet The Owner and Founder

Christian Vinces

My name is Christian and I am a Peruvian transplant living between Lima, New York, and Los Angeles. Not long ago, I decided to make a hiking backpack that was very “me.” And this ended up being one of the backpacks you see on this website: The Wanderer.

Growing up in Peru, I have always found Andean culture fascinating: Always adapting and surviving in the midst of challenges. These expressions appear everywhere: in small accessories, textiles, jacket patches or completely unique products like the intricate design on chocolate bar packaging – descriptively Andean and handmade.

This may not sound impressive right away. But we have to remember that Andean Culture, like Native American culture, has been pushed aside for a long time. And yet, it always finds ways to come back to life stronger and bolder than ever before. Nothing says “indestructible” like hundreds of years of actively fighting oblivion!

Its resilience makes it beautiful.

That’s why we want our textile accents to bring this rich Andean life, culture, and history to the forefront of hiking and outdoor activities.

Unique Packs for Unique Memories

About Our Textiles

Our textiles are all Andean sourced. This is an important part of our mission as we seek to bring the Andean culture to daring adventurers and bold travelers like yourself. The idea was born when talking to some friends in May 2020, when they complained that they couldn’t go to Peru because of Covid19. My first thought was: “What if I bring Peru to you?” I contacted a couple of friends in Peru and got things moving.  Six months later I was taking my red Wanderer for a hike.

Textiles have long been a part of Andean culture. Like our pottery, textiles have been found in ancient tombs, some thousands of years old. The textiles we use are not quite this old, but they carry with them the rich Andean history in their intricate designs. Today, many people still handcraft these textiles following carefully kept family techniques and traditions. Like in many other places around the globe, the patterns and colors are used to identify the wearer’s place of origin, cultural background and even some times to know if they are looking for a date.

If you have been to Peru or any other Andean country, you surely know what I am talking about. The colors and designs of our textiles have found their way into modern fashion and they are very present all over the streets and homes. It is such a big part of our culture and history, we couldn’t imagine the world without them.

How We Give Back with every Purchase

We are committed to making sure our packs not only bring Andean culture to you, but that they also give back.

That is why we are donating 3% of our profits to a Peruvian non profit organization called Corbidi. They focus on protecting the biodiversity on the Andes and the Amazon Rainforest. One of their main focuses is the great biodiversity of birds in the region and they are always actively trying to promote awareness in the local populations so they become participants on the protection of their environment. The funds we donate go specifically to the Natural science education, research and preservation efforts in Peru.

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